• Eye-Care LED desk lamp review: This little light doesn’t shine

    Whale oil, kerosene, gaslight, incandescent bulbs, and now, LEDs. We’ve been using lamps for hundreds of years. You’d think that everyone would have a handle on how to make a good one. I am here to tell you, after spending a week loathing the Aukey Eye-Care LED Desk Lamp, this is not the case. In...
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  • Choosing between the Best night lamp! What are the night lamp Reviews 2019 ?

    When it comes to selecting between the best night lamp brands, things can be confusing. The top brands and its reputation does make an impact on the choices you have on offer. Cheaply-priced faucets are just that – cheap. night lamp and fittings are more like investments, and you wouldn’t want to...
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  • Desk Lamp + Universal Smartphone Charger

    If you’re one of the many people who has a desk lamp on your desk or night stand, the LumiCharge II would like to replace it. This crowdfunded desk lamp tries to do pretty much everything, combining a multi-hue and multi-brightness LED lamp with a nightlight, universal smartphone charge stand, Q...
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  • Strong technical team

    Strong technical team

    We have a strong technical team in the industry, decades of professional experience, excellent design level, creating a high-quality high-efficiency intelligentequipment.
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